Confinement training

Training content:
1, and care maternal
maternal of nursing and the nutrition dietary, reasonable transfers meals pattern, note maternal of diet nutrition;
to maternal wash clothes (not wash underwear, and socks, case bacteria infection);
do maternal of health nursing and the perinatal common of prevention; guide maternal implementation breast feeding and breast nursing and the postpartum contractions, and Lochia observation and guide, help maternal master breast feeding of method and the baby feed feeding common sense;
Women indoor environmental advice and assistance to brush my teeth and comb my hair, bathing,;
teach maternal maternity, maternal body recovery guidance for the benefit of maternal cervical reduction;
maternal psychological guidance.
2, and care baby
newborn of feeding, and nursing, and observation;
to baby bath, and diaper, and wash baby clothes, and washable baby bedding and the newborn nursing;
parental common sense and the baby supplies of disinfection,;
baby prevention vaccination;
newborn of massage, and health, and and baby dialogue, and puzzle aerobics, and swimming, and Sun Sun and cognitive capacity of training,
baby life nursing (bath, and for diaper, and assist breast feeding, and Observation of hunger and satiety, packages, etc)
nursing (oral cavity and bellybutton, hips, urine observations, diaper rash, eczema, skin care)
infant physical fitness training (massage, passive gymnastics, swimming), early learning, habits of life
baby/> physiological care, maternal prolactin packages, science diet, direct breastfeeding

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