Regular health checks

Children after the full moon, it is best to hospital or birth family planning service stations, regular checks are carried out by the health, it does good for mothers and children. For children, mainly in the following content and projects.
1-2 months: this section after being discharged from maternity hospital child development and child heart has no exceptions, see if child has a stiff neck, and so on.
3-4 months: doctor to see whether lack of breast milk and the child has no diseases such as congenital dislocation of the hip.
6-7 months: ask the doctor to check the motor function development in children is normal, food supplement feeding smoothly.
10-11 months: ask the doctor to check how the complementary feeding (adequacy of nutrition absorption of meals), whether it can wean, motor function, mental development, and vaccination status.
3 years old this year, should be to give child a health check, focus its examination no abnormal psychological and spiritual aspects.

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