Early prevention of common disease

Fever in children with normal body temperature: Rectal thermometer: 36.2-38, table: 36-77.4.
of children with high fever (39 DEG), to consider: upper respiratory tract infection, intestinal infection (dysentery), meningitis, gray matter of spinal cord inflammation, encephalitis, malaria and septicemia.
in children with low heat (38 c) to consider whether: tuberculosis, chronic infections (such as tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis media, and so on), chronic pyelonephritis and functional low fever (summer heat).
above, shall be immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.
2, abdominal pain abdominal reason to consider: intestinal roundworm, Ascaris of biliary tract, enteritis, diarrhea, acute appendicitis, intussusception, and so on. External reasons for considering whether or not:, measles, pneumonia, myocarditis, rheumatic diseases, kidney diseases.
3, and flu symptoms: high fever, nasal congestion, headache, cough. Body: throat congestion and edema, conjunctival hyperemia. Treatment: doctors can request to take some cold medicine, when sent to the hospital for treatment.
4, light
of infantile diarrhea: diarrhea 10 times a day, shit yellow, green, occasional vomiting. Body: skin elasticity is good, the spirit is good. Therapy: oral rehydration, warm water with salt and sodium bicarbonate oral multiple times, diarrhea, drinking, and taking antidiarrheal medicine.
severe: abdomen more than 20 times a day, was watery stools and vomiting 10 times a day or more. Body: skin, poor elasticity of dark, deep breathing, listlessness, lip week. Because of its rapid progression in children, whether mild or severe, confirmed to the best hospital treatment in order not to delay the illness.
of vitamin d deficiency rickets symptoms: crying, sweating, wake up, often hair capital circle.
signs: square head, chimney door closed (normal 1.5 years old), delayed dentition (stool should be two under 6 months), rib bead, O-type, x-type legs.
prevention: vitamin d supplementation since 1 month, 400 international units a day, premature and low birth weight infants starting in 2 weeks can be added, to 800 international units per month in the first 3 months.
therapy: vitamin D40-60
① million units intramuscularly and repeat after two months.
II concentrated preparation a, d: daily oral drops 10-40.
consisting of Calcium Gluconate oral 1-3 g per day.
II activities in the Sun, which is often said to "Tan". But should avoid Sun burn.
iron deficiency anemia symptoms: skin and mucous membranes, nail beds pale, tired and less active.
test: blood hemoglobin, erythrocyte count reduced as shown in.
treatment: remove the cause, iron supplementation.
pneumonia symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, but often do not have the typical symptoms of pneumonia in neonates, showed only eating, crying, breathing, lip cyanosis spilled froth.
symptoms: pulmonary breath sounds rough, some audible and mixed rales.
treatment should be sent to hospital treatment as soon as possible.
of intestinal ascariasis symptoms: repeated night and week pains, sleep disturbed, or asymptomatic. 3-10-year-olds in rural areas are generally suffering from the disease. Laboratory diagnosed, according to the doctor, take the drive worm medicine. BACK
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