Night cry

1, the disease affects certain diseases can also affect the children sleep at night, which, starting from the primary disease, prevention.
baby suffering from rickets often restless at night, parents coaxed useless. Some babies will suddenly wake up after midnight and crying upset, looking nervous, mostly during the day too excited or stimulated, daily thought, night to have a dream. In addition, children with pinworms and pinworm crawling to the anus at night to lay eggs, and cause skin itching, restless boy, crying all the time.
2, physiological crying child's diaper wet or wrapped too tightly, hunger, thirst, the indoor temperature is not suitable, the bedding was too thick and will make children feel uncomfortable while crying. In this case, parents eliminate adverse stimuli, the children will soon quiet sleep.
3, not enough exercise during the day and some children lack of exercise during the day, refused to go to sleep at night, crying more. These kids should increase the amount of activity during the day, children are tired, can sleep quietly at night.
4, the environment does not apply shall have the children to the natural environment to adapt, night and day upside down. Parents work during the day, he sleeps, parents night to rest his "work". If the baby to play with him, crying while stock lasts. For such children, if necessary doctors some guidance on children's health.
5 improper, NAP schedules and some children can't get up in the morning, to 2~3 points in the afternoon to take a NAP or NAP time prematurely, and before sleep at night, waking up in the Middle, not someone playing the crying. These children can wake up earlier in the morning, NAP time for proper adjustment, so your child has a sleep was able to sleep peacefully until morning. BACK
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