Baby massage "the young Steward"

(1) face (soothing face tight): apply baby oil or baby lotion, thumbs outward from the center of the forehead with both hands, draw a [1] smile. Brow, orbital, people, Chin, using two thumbs to push out, draw a smile.
(2) chest (smooth breathing cycle): hands on the margin of the rib, the right hand slides up to the baby's right shoulder, recover, his left hand in the same way.
(3), hand (increased flexible response): the baby hands down, use one hand to hold the arm, from arm to gently squeeze your wrist, then massaging with your fingers the wrist. Massage the other hand in the same way. Hands holding small arms, scrubbing and rolling up and down, and light up the baby's wrists and hands. Make sure that under the premise of no injuries to his hands, from Palm massage with thumb to fingers.
(4) belly (help bowel activity): massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction, but not before the umbilical callus which do not massage the area. With a finger on the baby's abdomen from the left of the operator the right massage, the operator may feel the bubbles move. "ILOVEYOU" family experience, with the left hand over the baby's belly from the top down and draw a letter "I", in accordance with the operator's written direction from left to right, draw a "l", last written by left to right, draw a "u". When doing the above actions in a loving tone said, "I'm in love with you" send love and care.
(5) leg (increase coordination function): massage the baby's thigh, knee, lower leg, from ankle to thigh and gently squeeze and massage the ankle and foot. Then both hands to hold the baby calf, scrubbing and rolling up and down, and light up the baby's ankles and feet. On the premise of protect ankles from injury, with your thumbs massage from heel to toe.
(6) back (relieving back muscle): both hands flat on the baby back, massage from the neck down, and with your fingertips gently massage the muscles on either side of the spine, and then again to the roundabout at the lower end of the spine from the neck movement.

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